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At the gateway of justice

11 Jan

Okay, I shall not continue to pretend that this new year, I’m high on festive spirit, very happy & merry. I am NOT!

In fact, I’m deeply disturbed, disgusted, disappointed, shattered, bitter, furious, helpless & utterly ashamed to belong a race of mankind that’s capable of unimaginable violence. Violence, whose victim was a helpless 23 year old girl from Delhi. I write to her parents…

To a mother & a father,

whose daughter had left home saying she’d be back soon, whose daughter had happily been to see the movie- ‘The life of Pi’ along with her friend; whose daughter, along with her friend boarded a bus to hell; whose daughter was butchered alive, whose daughter became the victim of the evilest of all evils, who’s daughter was brutally violated & raped by 6 lust filled monsters, whose daughter’s intestines’ were pulled out with bare hands while she was still conscious, whose daughter was barbarically assaulted with a rusted iron rod in some the worst unimaginable ways, whose daughter was thrown out of the moving bus, whose daughter lied naked, in her own pool of blood, on a busy street of Delhi for more than 2 hours battling for life in excruciating & agonizing pain; whose daughter was hushedly sent to Singapore in the false name of better treatment, whose daughter- teary eyed expressed to her mother,  her will to survive each time she gained conscious; whose daughter wanted to know if all her rapists had been caught even while slipping in & out of coma, whose daughter wanted her violators to be burnt alive, whose daughter struggled to speak because of all the pain that she was in but still managed to write down the names of her rapists & give her statement in gestures, just to ensure the butchers were bought to books; whose daughter was pursuing medicine and wanted to help the people of her home town on becoming a doctor, whose daughter’s dreams were cruelly cut short by the barbarians, whose daughter breathed her last 13 days after she was ripped apart & her insides were shredded & gutted by the cold blooded devils, whose daughter’s life was a reason for many a political conspiracies, whose daughter was hurriedly cremated in the middle of the night before the world woke, whose daughter never returned home, whose daughter is now only a memory for her loved ones, whose daughter now lies beneath the starry skies awaiting her justice…

I pray for you.


a devastated father who sold his agricultural land to educate his daughter, who lost his most loved & pampered princess to a handful of butchers; a mother who collapsed during her daughter’s cremation & had to be hospitalized, a heart broken brother who lost his fond sister forever  & a friend who lost a best friend, confidante…  I pray for you all. I have been and I shall continue to do so.

I pray God to give you all, the strength needed to cope up with this trauma.


She wasn’t just your daughter; she was India’s daughter too, India’s brave heart. She was a dear sister to every Indian, a dearer one to every man & woman who protested against the injustice braving the wicked water cannons in -8 degree bone freezing cold weather of Delhi at the Gateway of India. Along with her, a part of India has died forever too, leaving behind a wound that runs deep, a wound whose scar shall never be gone, a shame that shall live on to haunt our country forever!

She was the reason that launched a thousand protests & woke the insanely slumbering system by jolting it to reality. Her brutal death shall not go in vain.


Rest in peace, dear Nirbhaya, you’ve endured enough, endured beyond what one can imagine even in their worst nightmares. It’s time for peace now, child. Sleep in peace, nothing shall now torture or brutalize you, pain or hurt you. It’s all over, peace is finally here…

We assure you to fight your battle in the same courageous way that you intended to & we’ll stop not till justice is done, to you & to all of India’s daughters! We’ll continue your fight to cleanse our rotting system. With a broken heart, we mourn & pray for your salvation…


Here’s hoping that with the dawn of this new year, a ‘new’ India shall emerge with ‘new’ laws and positive changes for it’s fast disappearing daughters. We assure you that this fight will go on & this time we will use our most powerful weapon to fight against this callous system- we’ll use our votes & use it wisely, so that we don’t elect ‘dented’ leaders again!

To Nirbhaya- the fearless one

To Nirbhaya- the fearless one

Here’s a shocker:  While Nirbhaya wanted all 6 of her rapists to be torched alive, her most brutal violator, the one who ripped her intestines apart with his bare hands, could get away with just 3 years of jail term, on the ground that he is still a juvenile. Juvenile means a person who has not yet achieved sexual maturity. If he can rape, isn’t he then already beyond this?

Juvenile or no juvenile, it is the crime/evil mind (mens rea) that needs to be punished, age is immaterial where crime is concerned, as these days juveniles are committing more horrifying crimes compared to their adult counterparts. It is precisely to this juvenile law, that we young Indians seek an amendment for!

‘Punishment is justice for the unjust’

More about the #DelhiGangRape here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Delhi_gang_rape_case#Incident

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