The dragon and the phoenix

9 Jul



From its ashes, rose an ancient phoenix

I was beaten and wounded

A big war lost, a war most important

Wound running deep and eyes still moist

With heart bleeding and faith suffocating

A prisoner of memories, of times when I was invincible.


From its ashes, rose an ancient phoenix, high over’ the blazing inferno

staring directly into my eyes, mesmerizing & hypnotizing,

she keeps me transfixed.


Shaken and small, with traces of life left still in me, I try…

Try not to give in, not to be devoured,

But the phoenix knows her terrain and knows it well

She smells my fear, smells the deep open wound, throbbing & pulsating in the rib cage.

With eyes as blazing as the very inferno that gave her birth, she waits…

Planning a careful strike in her mind.


Try me!


I hold her gaze.


No less a warrior, I got my move planned

And bolted to scale the hostile cliff.

A swift blow from my powerful sword, the same one that made many a monsters shudder & shiver, ages ago,

From a ground higher, i strike the glistening metal to the prodigious chains that supported the old weather-worn wall

that meekly contained the fierce and enormous water dragon.


Awoken from slumber, freed and unleashed

Wreaking to dust, the remaining walls that held her; the era’s dragon broke loose with hell riding her back.

Roaring with raw fury & might, she rushed in; raging against the mountains, plundering everything in her way

She looked like a macabre serpent from hell as she towered menacingly high over the phoenix.

Might falling short and with no show of defense, surrendered the phoenix

For shaken and small, she had frozen, her fire spent.


As i watched the drama unfold on the grounds below me, feelings of sympathy & empathy engulfed me,


My poor phoenix…


I knew exactly how it felt to be crushed to dust- be hopelessly defeated


The roaring waters consumed her,

Little by little, breath deserted her

Her fierce wings drenched and now useless, she fought to break free, screeching deafeningly as she tried to soar again…


Only, a bit too late in an unfamiliar era!


Lifeless, with the flames in her eyes extinguished, she embarked on a downward watery spiral, well laid out by the lunar dragon.

As the dragon devoured its victim, roaring in mad frenzy, she thought to herself-

‘Phoenixes rise from the flames, not from deep waters!’


With a wicked twinkle in her eyes, the dragon cast one look up at me before slithering away on a spiral terrain between the deep mountains.


…before slithering away on a spiral terrain between the deep mountains.


About the poem-

This poem personifies the emotion of sad memories and eventually conquering it with the dragon like power of today. Here, the sad memories; and the power of today (present), are depicted as phoenix and the dragon respectively. The poet plays the protagonist- a warrior who breaks down the wall that contained a large water dragon, thus, releasing it to destroy her painful memories. Once and for all!



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