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All’s well that ends in love!

14 Feb

It was Valentine’s Day & the sight of bright red cardboard hearts, roses and other decorations at various places made Tia rather uneasy. She wanted to rush back home, so she could avoid seeing the various embellishments that celebrated love.

Tia wasn’t in the best of her moods as she going through a ‘not so smooth’ time with her fiancee- Rahul. A small misunderstanding was blown out of proportion & it was three days since she last spoke to Rahul. She was very upset with him & as a result, she expected an initiative for patch up from Rahul, but there hadn’t been a single call from him since morning & this, Tia really did not appreciate.

She was done with her classes for that day. Not the one to be excited about this day, she decided to head home to tend to her little pup that she had recently adopted. After spending some time with her best buddy Salma, Tia started for home. Just as she was about to board the auto rickshaw that would have taken her home, she heard her phone beep faintly from the abyss of her bag. Rahul! she thought, with a smile. No. It was her best friend- Akshay. Akshay invited Tia to join him at a cafe bar, so he could help her understand the basics of HTML coding. Considering the fact that it was a weekday afternoon, there wouldn’t be many at the cafe and the two of them could go about their business with little or no disturbance. This seemed like a great idea! Finally Akshay made time out of his ever busy schedule for her and she would by no way let this opportunity slip by.

Tia had always nagged Akshay, who also was her batch mate to help her understand HTML coding, which somehow she could never follow when it was being taught in the class, ‘cos due to unavoidable circumstances, she had to miss the first few important classes of this subject. However, with a degree in computer science already, HTML was child’s play for Akshay. And who better to teach her the subject than her best buddy?

The two caught up at the nearest Cafe Coffee Day and after some meaningless chat and a fight over who should order what, they finally decided to start with HTML. Tia hated the subject & also the fact that Akshay was its top scorer, which gave him an opportunity to pull Tia’s leg whenever there was a discussion on this subject. Since Akshay had a bachelor’s party to attend that evening, he had forewarned Tia that he’d only be able teach her the basics of HTML that day. After close to 45mins of HTML basics, Tia felt that she had studied enough for one day. Closing her books shut and thanking Akshay for helping her out, she was about to leave from there, when through the window of the cafe, her eyes fell on a familiar Hyundai car parked on the opposite side of the street and directly in front of where they sat. When she squinted a little to see who was behind the wheels of the car, she was in for a big surprise, though she wasn’t very sure if she had to term it a ‘pleasant’ or an ‘unpleasant’ one going by the situation. It was none other than Rahul and from his expression, Tia could easily say that he was heart-broken & fuming mad at her. She instantly realized why. Tia didn’t know how to react.

Rahul was always very protective of Tia & sometimes reasonably possessive of her, just as anybody in love would be. Being a little tom boyish and totally unlike any other girl, she always had many friends and admirers from both genders. Rahul, however, wasn’t very happy & appreciative of some her friends who shared their gender with him.

Tia knew what she had gotten into. Perplexed on reading Tia’s expression and mind, Akshay paid the bill and hurriedly left the place. Tia knew that Rahul wouldn’t have been this mad at her, had all been fine between them. Their current rough phase and a brief break up of three days would have made Rahul think that she has moved on & is currently dating some another guy on Valentine’s. How horrible! Tia rushed to Rahul in order to clear the air and avoid any further misunderstandings between the two. As she entered his car, her eyes couldn’t miss the huge bouquet of red roses and a gift box on the seat behind Rahul’s. He had come for a patch up, and what an irony, I’ve turned the situation into something that aided a break up, she thought. With her eyes welling up in tears, she struggled to talk. When she finally managed to, she found herself telling- ‘Rahul… look, please don’t jump into conclusions… Akshay is just a… ’ That’s when Rahul gestured her to stop whatever she was saying. Tia knew she was standing at the brink of a failed relationship. Her heart sank. She felt utterly stupid for having met up with Akshay especially on Valentine’s, without thinking of consequences. She knew she had to now prepare herself for an untimely & a very painful break up. Anything she’d now tell wouldn’t be convincing enough for a person blinded by rage.

Tia was wondering how to make Rahul see the truth & the innocence of the entire episode, when she felt his hand around hers. He kissed her on the forehead and said- ‘Tia, remember, you’ll never have to explain yourself to me & not even in my wildest dream would I imagine something like what you are trying to explain is not. The reason I was so mad at you, was because you did not call me, where I was actually hoping & praying for your call at least on Valentine’s, thinking here is my opportunity for a quick patch up. Moreover, you hadn’t picked a single call of mine since last two days… Tia, it’s you or no one for me & I can never live without you. I have always loved you unconditionally & will continue to do so. Explanations are for shallow relationships, and I‘d consider it as an insult to me & for my love towards you, if ever you try to explain yourself to me again.’

Tia dint know how to react, again. She was so relived & there were tears in her eyes, only this time, it was tears of joy & love. Rahul loved the Tia who was always bubbly, full of life & had a perennial twinkle of mischief in her eyes. Tears didn’t suit her too well & he couldn’t bear to see the tears, that had blurred his much loved twinkle in her eyes. Rahul hugged her tight in a reassuring way, so she’d feel fine again. Later that day, they set out for a quiet, open air, roof top, candle light dinner.

It was a very special day, not only because it was Valentine’s, but because it was on this day that Rahul had ‘first’ proposed to Tia. First, because Tia had taken a good 3 years to accept it & Rahul had to propose to her many times, before she finally accepted it. Tia however, was left with many questions unanswered, to start with, like- how did Rahul locate her? She decided to spare them for some other day, ‘cos that day was meant  for celebration alone. Celebration of trust, togetherness, friendship, companionship & of course ‘love’!

HaPpY Valentine's Day

HaPpY Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s day, dear friends. May love make its permanent abode in your lives.

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